Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Door Knob

One of the pesky things that has been bugging me has been this old door knob. It was very hard to lock and unlock. I thought about adding this to the list of things and calling a handyman, but the first handyman I called said they charge $90 for the first hour and $75 for each hour after that.  And I recently read an old article written by a handyman while I was cleaning out old paper. It encouraged us to try to do things ourselves, and changing a door knob was one of the things he mentioned.

Not willing to pay $90 for something that I can do myself, I decided to take his advice, and watched a You Tube video to be sure I understood how to do it, and replaced it myself. The installation was very easy. Taking out the old rusted screws weren't as easy, especially in the heat, but I managed after a few tries. I'm sure it took me longer than it would have taken an experienced person, but now I can say I did it myself.

I'll use the money I saved to fix something else.

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Allie said...

Well GOOD FOR YOU! I've done doorknobs too, they're pretty easy. I'll never forget my mom fixing the toilet - sitting on the floor with various confusing parts laying around, and a handyman's guide book next to her. She did it though!