Thursday, August 18, 2011

Welcome Home

On my last post, we had returned from our trip to Italy.  The way our schedule worked out, the very next day, we would have to return to the airport to pick up our Japanese guest who was going to be staying with us for three weeks.  Since this was expected, I had been cleaning and generally getting things ready for her visit.  Since I am allergic to dust, I was starting to get severe allergies from cleaning behind cabinets, under the bed, and going to places in my house I don't normally visit, and moving things around. I did not want to have allergy problems on the plane, and worry all the other passengers about some awful airborne disease, not to mention being more uncomfortable than normal on a plane.  My ears already hurt on planes.

My decision was to clean up as much of the clutter and arrange things as I wanted, and clean and wipe counters, sinks, etc., but to avoid the dusty things, like sweeping and dusting and lawn mowing until we came back.  This meant that I would have to get over any jet lag quickly.  I had a little over 24 hours to do this, so I was not worried.

My family was worried, however, so during my absence, they all converged to my house and took care of those things which I had not.  It was very sweet, and a little demeaning that they thought I would welcome a guest in the dusty house. And you know they were talking about me while they were cleaning. I'm sure it was all good.

I have already provided a summary about our experience with our Japanese guest.  We went to two places that I want to talk about in separate posts, and then I will be back to providing current events stuff.


Allie said...

Could you please send your family over here???? Wow that was a lovely thing to do!!!

Michele Bilyeu said...

I am laughing over Allie's comment. I have a SIL who might do this but if she did it alone there would be no one to talk to about me but two cats and three chickens and she lives in Alaska and me in no go.

I bet they got it out of their systems at least ..dusting and talking ;) And hey, you never do know if jet lag will drop you to the floor. You are amazing to take in another student with this timing! Amazing!