Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Mystery Sew Along

Ever since I finished the Adinkra top, I have wanted to start a new quilt.  My mind is racing at all the beautiful quilts I want to start. I could finish one of my many WIPs.  I could start a scrap quilt to tame the scrap box. Oh but which scrap quilt. There are so many wonderful choices.

Then I come across a blog, and Rose at Threadbare Creations has just started a short and small mystery quilt-along. A small quilt is just the perfect.  It will let me work on a brand new quilt, but because it is small, I will be able to quickly get to work on a WIP.  If she can make a quilt in 7 days, surely I can finish it within a year, right?

It is a two fabric quilt, which means it could be  a two color quilt. She used and recommends blue and white. I have blue and white quilts on my bulletin board, and while a blue and white color quilt would look great with the others, I am hoping to use a different color.   I went to the Cave of Wonder and received these two fabrics.  They will give me a chance to increase my red and white quilt collection.

The blue fabric is the backing for the Adinkra top.  I will add a strip to make it wide enough and then it will be ready to be sandwiched.

I really like this red fabric.  It might be a Walmart find, but I am not sure.

So far, I really like how it is coming together. I didn't show you the blocks in case you want to follow along too and don't want the mystery solved early.

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Red, white and blue; my favorite color combination of all time! You can't miss with these choices, I cannot wait to see more.

Kate said...

I really like you fabric choices for this mystery. Have fun!