Thursday, March 19, 2020

Broderie Perse on Quote Quilt

How are you? I hope you are doing well.

I am fine, and following the guidelines of social distancing. I have family members who have been sent home without work, while I continue to work from home.

Working on the quote quilt during this time of quarantine was a better idea than I knew when I made that decision.
  1.  It has quotes that are meant to make the viewer (me) feel better. 
  2. Looking for motifs and comforting ideas to add to the quilt makes me focus on comforting things.
  3. Although I will probably keep this quilt, it keeps my focus on someone else instead of the current situation (potentially future me, other future quilt owners such as descendants). 
  4. The slow stitching also calms the pace and comforts me and keeps me busy.
  5. It gives me something to do while I stay away from everyone else.

 I cut out some motifs from recently purchased fabric to add to the quote quilt, even though it doesn't actually go with the adding stories goal I mentioned last week. I added this because I liked the design but now that it is here, I think this is a good subtle hint of the history of the quilt. Hopefully by the time it is finished, we will be through the corona virus ordeal and it will serve as a reminder that we got through it."If we can get through the corona virus, we can get through anything."

This might be a good block to add the start and end dates. 

I don't think elephants are calming. In fact, I watched a movie that showed some African children running through an area to avoid being trampled by elephants.  This fabric was given to me by my sister and it makes me think of her, and our entire family heritage, so it is comforting to  me. This elephant is obviously a gentle elephant since she allowed all these decorations to be put on her.

Those quick motifs were to give me a break from working on the tree. I added some more branches, and although this picture doesn't show it, I have started adding the leaves on the tree.


Tanya said...

I think you should add your quote to the Quotation quilt.

"If we can get through the Corona Virus we can get through anything"

It's all part of the history!

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Cute elephant and all the sweeter that it reminds you of your sister. Your quilt is going to have quite an interesting history before it's even finished!

Kim said...

Oh yes, that quote must definitely be added to your quote quilt. I rather love elephants. I have always thought of them to be gentle giants, though of course a herd of elephants running after someone in a jungle is very disturbing. I think your elephant is sweet. Love the embroidered tree, too.