Saturday, March 7, 2020

Quote Quilt Goes to Kindegarten

I follow Cheri Payne's Facebook group and really enjoy seeing all the beautiful primitive quilts that are made from her designs.  When someone posted a quilt that had an alphabet on it, I remembered it was something I wanted to do. A great way to do that without starting a whole new quilt is to add it to the quote quilt.  I added the book last week and this seemed like a good place to add the alphabet. The perspective was great in the drawing of the book but I didn't translate it well in fabric. I still think it looks like a book and the letters nearby should help identify it if it doesn't.

I added the alphabet today. I didn't measure it out so was very lucky that it fits exactly.

Jenny of Elephanz gave her newsletter subscribers an  embroidery pattern as a going away present. Breathe deep and let go.  I decided to put it on a neutral background and add the background to the quilt. The beige background is pretty noticeable on the quilt since the quilt is blue and cream, not beige.  I positioned the applique to make sure there was a bit of each of the triangles showing since they was a part of the quote block and shows the choices of the swappers.

Beside it, you see a stamp that a swapper used as her quote. I embroidered the big flowers but didn't think I could do much with the rest of it until I remembered that I had some Inktense color pencils which I had bought for use on fabric. I think it dries permanently.

Crazy quilts aren't supposed to be washed. This is freeing, because it allows me the freedom to add color pencils without testing them first, but it is also scary because it means I have to be careful not to get the quilt dirty as I work on it.


Kim said... work on a quilt and not get it dirty....something I never seem to be able to do. Love the beige circle on the white and blue. Love too, your embroidery and the quote. Those little flowers on the other piece are sweet.

Kyle said...

Your quilt continues to evolve. Lovely.

Joyful Quilter said...

My first impression was book. Can you heat set the color pencils? I'm really enjoying all your different mediums, textures, and embellishments you're adding.

Allie said...

This quilt is crazy gorgeous!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

I love this quilt and all those fabulous quotes.

Kaja said...

I love the layers of embellishment on this; it is crazy in all the best ways.

Tanya said...

All the embroidery is lovely!