Friday, August 13, 2021

More Additions to the Quote Quilt


I wrote my first post on this blog on August 13, 2008, which makes today the thirteenth anniversary of my blog. This blog is an extension to another blog which is no longer available to the public. Even though I was not new to blogging, I made a low key entrance to this blog by posting as if I had been posting here all along.

I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging and have no plans on stopping. There are so many benefits to the blog.


  • It provides a historical record of my quilting.
  • It gives me motivation to keep making so I can show you what I made.
  • It gives me a way to meet people with similar interests, even people who are in other parts of the world I would never have met otherwise.

I am almost done quilting the quote quilt. I couldn't resist adding some more things to the perimeter of the quilt. This fabric is from the Button Season. You may notice that the blocks are actually square in a square, then set on point. It would have been easier to have squares and quarter square blocks but I was originally going to add more triangles to make economy blocks, but that would have made the quilt way too big.

This piece is from Amalfi Coast. I still have brown blocks to work with.


I know I originally said your story is your power, but I am feeling generous, and you can have an unlimited number of powers.

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Queeniepatch said...

Yes, what would life be without blogging and blog friends?

Kim said...

Love the new additions and that quote, Shasta. I always think no-one can do me, better than me. Love the thought that being me is my super power. Happy blogging anniversary to you. There are many wonderful things about blogging; the main one is meeting people from all over the world, visiting them each time and seeing what they are creating. I am glad you are continuing to blog. I cannot wait to see your quote quilt all quilted and finished. I hope you are going to take lots of photos of it in its finished state; as it is packed with fabulous visual interest. I am supposing you could look at it for hours and find something new to look at and read.

Kate said...

Congratulations of 13 years of blogging! I agree with all the benefits you mentioned in your post. Since I'm not part of a guild (ours doesn't cater to working women) blogland is my guild. Love the additions to the quote quilt. Will be you a little sad when this one is finsihed? It's been to watch it come together.

Tanya said...

Your Obama patch and quote is wonderful!