Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Plans

As I was looking at blogs during the holiday season, one thing that really jumped out at me were the banners. So many beautiful banners. I thought it would be really fun to make banners to decorate the house with. Most of the banners were triangular pennant, using a couple of fabrics. Some of them were half an oval shape, with each half oval having it's own theme and design. I really like all the ideas - the similar pennants, and the decorate each piece idea, the semi oval idea. Except that I didn't have time, since I was busy making holiday gifts.

I really enjoyed having some progress everyday, and I'm pretty sure that my readers enjoy seeing new projects, instead of the same old "I quilted another circle today" post. One way I thought I could remedy that is to make a little scrap quilt out of the leftover fabrics. But that still doesn't amount to a lot of projects. I thought seriously about making journal quilts - maybe one a month, and I could use my new quilt hanger that came with the apron pattern.

Today, I received a couple of emails referring me to this French blog. There is a translator on the blog. It's a group of people who make something similar to ATCs and postcards and twilts and journal quilts, except that they make them the shape of a CD circle. I like circles, in case you couldn't tell that from my African Circles quilt.

I'm not making any promises, and not joining the group officially, but maybe you might see some CD circles on my blog from time to time, and maybe those CD circles will eventually become a banner of some sort. It worries me, because it sounds an awful lot like starting a new quilt when I have lots of old quilts to finish, but maybe I'll be able to think of some reward system to fit it in.

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Allie said...

That sounds do-able, and fun - I like the idea of a small project, especially in a circle.