Thursday, January 7, 2010


It's been snowing everyday, enough to have to clear the walk everyday. There is going to be 2-4 inches of snow today. Our first significant accumulation. Schools are closed early - the forecasters are calling it a blizzard. The police have stopped taking accident calls unless there is an injury to a person. You can compare the photo to the one in this post. There is a street and a couple of driveways under there. The street doesn't get cleared unless there is significant accumulation, so it is slippery under the snow. Oops, got water on the lens.

I was expecting this, so I went shopping for my free stuff yesterday. Yes, more office supplies. I like to use my cash back from free stuff to buy more free stuff so I can have cash back so I can buy more free stuff. I was expecting to stay home and quilt today.

The daughter had other plans and decided to call and get a job interview today. I told her we could go early and hopefully get back before the snow gets a chance to start or accumulate. They offered her a chance to stay and visit, and she took it. I got to pick her up when the snow is at its worse, before the snow plows had a chance to get to it. As she says, it is a short drive. And I didn't tell her this, but I need short stints like this to strengthen up my winter driving stomach muscles.

I've finished quilting the circles. I can stop singing "You spin me right round, like a record, baby." I tried doing some free motion, but the planets have not properly aligned for it. I tried two different brand new needles, two different threads, and all of the tension settings. I have done free motion before, but for me, it either works or it doesn't. Besides, the quilting idea I want for this quilt, zigzag, actually looks better with a walking foot. Hopefully I'll be able to finish quilting it today. I have more windows to cover with plastic, and maybe wash the curtains while I am at it, but I'm not going out again today.


Tanya said...

So how did you zig-zag the circles? By turning the quilt around as you went? That looks like a fairly large quilt. I bet your quilting muscles did get in shape!

Allie said...

Snowing here today too - I don't mind driving in it, matter of fact I LIKE it, as long as all the nutcases stay home.
I tried free motion today too, forget it. Not gonna happen, lol.
So, did she get the job?