Saturday, January 9, 2010

Scanfest Resumes

I've been reading a genealogy book - one about writing your history, and looking at the photos makes me jealous. These gorgeous black and white photos of days gone by, which we have very few of, beautiful certificates and memorabilia, and even the color photos are nice. The boxes of ephemera looks so nicely old and well loved and well used. I was thinking that if I photographed boxes of ephemera, they would simply look cluttered and dirty and disgusting.

They did lead me to resume Scanfest. Instead of starting with one of the big boxes, I thought I would start with a smaller album. Note that the first photo is not all inclusive of the photos that need scanning. This album is one my sister gave me, probably for my daughter's second birthday. It wasn't a quick scan-while-reading-blogs, because the photos are tucked into sheets, so they had to be taken out and put back in after the scan. It is a nostalgic trip down memory lane through diaper changing and spoon feeding days. One thing I love about these pictures is that they are taken before we became artistic. The backgrounds are clear for everyone to see. I can see what my sister's place looked like.

I think we need to do more of that. Besides taking the artistic shot, and the closeup shot while blurring the background, once in a while, we should take a wide angle view of the background. So what if it is cluttered or boring. It will remind the future us of the setting of the story of our lives in 2010.

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Allie said...

Mine would look cluttered too. You're so right about keeping the background in the shots - I love seeing what my house used to look like. And especially my grandparent's house, which has since been torn down.