Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Progress on African Circles

When I showed you the picture from the archive, I realized that I hadn't taken a recent picture. Because this quilt isn't made with blocks, I was thinking progress pictures wouldn't be able to show very much, but there has been a border added that doesn't show in the photo, and circles quilted that probably won't show in the photo. Only four left! I folded over the green backing fabric on the right so you can see it. Parts of the extra batting was borrowed for the holiday gifts!

I am still quilting down the circles. Since I wasn't able to free motion, I am zigzagging them, which requires turning the quilt all the way around under the machine for each circle. It feels like there are many more circles than you can see. Makes me think of the toy Sit and Spin. Remember that I already zigzagged them down to the top, and now I am quilting another zigzag round the same way. After this, I will try to free motion again, with my fresh brand new pack of needles.

When my shoulder muscles are tired of going back and forth turning the quilt around in the machine, I am taking a break and letting my shoulder muscles go up and down putting up more plastic in the windows. I have lots of old windows, and it is really cold outside. I've had this on my to-do list since October 1, but there is something about really cold weather to motivate me to do this task.

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Allie said...

This is a really cool quilt - but do practice your free motion! I need to do that too, it gets so tedious turning quilts all the time.
I really love these circles!