Monday, January 18, 2010

How Many?

I had hoped to have finished the top of the doll quilt I am making, because other quilts are crying out their names to me. I am planning on hand quilting this, so as soon as the top is pieced and sandwiched, I will be able to move on to a UFO. Almost everybody else has already finished theirs without issue.

I am apparently numerically challenged, despite my career choices, probably because I was trying to count how many there are of each block by looking at the picture of the finished quilt, and I probably did it too fast and haphazardly. I have finished the sixteen patches (most of them anyway), and the triangle setting blocks. I didn't account for the eight patch blocks, so I've got some more sewing to do. This is not a big deal, I am enjoying the process.

It's a big culture shock from doing a raw edge casual project with few pieces to doing a small quilt with so many pieces, where scant quarter inch sewing matters. I had to sew many of the seams again to get closer to the tip to make my points sharper.

In case I make this quilt again, (when I'm done with all the other quilts that are calling my name) I thought I would write down the count here so I don't go through this again.

The directions are on Lori's blog. She was so sweet to do all the measurements for us and give us the directions. Her directions aren't wrong; I just happen to be making mine "easier", by using the same green fabrics in each block. Let's not debate the difference between blue and green, ok? We do that enough at home. The picture makes these look a lot more blue than they do here.

There are twelve of these blocks. The cheddar is cut 3 3/8 inch squares. The squares are 1 1/2 inches. You need 2 light squares and 2 dark squares for each block, so 24 of each. The triangles are cut 1 7/8 inch square. There are 24 of the light and 24 of the dark squares, then cut on the diagonal. It is tempting to count how many pieces there are overall in this quilt, but I should wait until I am done with the quilt. More of the same size squares (not the cheddar) will be needed for the border. More of the cheddar fabric is also needed for the border, just not that size.

There are 13 of the 16 patch blocks. The squares are cut 1 1/2 inches and can be strip pieced.

They are simply alternated. See the picture at the top of this post. My daughter was on the computer and I was trying to lay it out from memory and put it on point. Don't do that. It is an interesting design choice though. When I did sew, I had to be careful, so the lights and the darks properly alternate. I found that if I made sure there was a dark square on the top right, every time, I was doing the rows right.

I kinda like the way the quilt looks without this border. It looks more finished this way. But I think it looks more old fashioned with the border, and am going to put it on. The border pieces are pretty much like half a block.

The cheddar are three 5 1/4 inch squares, cut twice on the diagonals to make quarters. There are 12 of the triangle setting blocks. 6 of them have the dark on the left and the light on the right, and the other 6 have the light on the left and the dark on the right.

There are 8 of the 8 patches. Simply half of the 16 patch blocks.

There are 4 of the 4 patches for the corners.

Yes, I do trim off the dog ears at some point.

Of course, if I stopped blogging about it, and simply made the quilt, I would have been done by now!

Edited to add:
I am submitting this post to Amy Lou's sew and tell. I haven't made any visible progress on this quilt since I wrote it.

I am glad I took the time to write all this though, because I was worried about running out of green fabric to add. With this post, I realized that each of my fabric scrap additions were greener and greener. I am hoping for something that looks like similar values. I was worried it would be too obvious that I didn't plan the colors very well. In the last addition, I was able to add something to the other side of the color range, something slightly bluer. I think I have enough fabric now for the whole quilt.


Lori said...

LOLROF! I love how you ended the post!!
It looks really good! And yes, it was a bit more challenging keeping the colors organized correctly. I'm hand quilting mine now and realize how bad I lined everything up!! It's a humble quilt and thankfully with so many pieces it isn't quite as noticable.:)

Ruth said...

I haven't even started mine yet! We left on a trip and I didn't have a chance to get my fabric all picked out, although I did buy some cheddar because I didn't have any. I can't wait to get home and make it!! I think yours will be perfect!!

Allie said...

I really like this quilt, but oh my - I am NO GOOD at sewing precise seams or getting things in order!

Barb said...

Your little quilt looks great, why do we always like how someone else has done it - yours looks so neat and tidy and coordinated - I like it.

Allie said...

Shasta, I gave you an award on my blog - no obligation!

beth said...

All those little pieces. they sure aren't as forgiving as the big ones are they? Ah well, every quilt teaches us a lesson. This will be a lovely quilt! love that cheddar.

pinksuedeshoe said...

Lovely! Good luck with the rest of the quilt!

Dee said...

well, it looks incredibly complicated and on its way to lovely to me! when my head starts to hurt when working on a project, i know it's time for me to move on...but i can't wait to see how you finish this one off!

fabulous friday finish!

Karen said...

It looks good. I find just about every quilt 'teaches' me something.

Rene' said...

Your quilt is coming along nicely. Seems very complicated and challenging to me. Good for you for sticking with it...even though all those other quilts are calling out for you. Thanks for sharing!

Catherine said...

Looking great so far. Good on you for sticking with it as it does look complicated.

Heather said...

That is going to be one beautiful little quilt. All those tiny pieces! I admire your perseverance! ;o)

kanishk said...

It's a humble quilt and thankfully with so many pieces it isn't quite as noticable.:

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Tanya said...

From circles to squares! Very nice! Looks complicated!