Monday, January 4, 2010


When I was younger, I had a magnetic photo album. More than one, actually. And I had recently learned about scrapbooking, when it was in its infancy. One of the things they did, was to save stuff for the album. Stuff like movie tickets. So I saved them - I think it was a nice recap of the movies I had seen, even though I eventually forgot what some of the movies were even about. And some people would ask me why I was saving movie tickets - like they were something important. Eventually, I threw them out, and I regret doing so. Because I think the movies I saw are important to me.

I enjoy going to movies. I usually go with someone, and that adds to the experience. I'm not going to start saving ticket stubs, but I have a blog now where I can document my movie watching, hopefully with enough details so I will remember it.

On Christmas Day, my princess and I watched The Princess and the Frog. It was a good movie. It has been brought to my attention that Disney has a good and evil theme in so many of their movies, and this one was no exception. It does bother me that they do that. The world isn't full of good and evil. There are many shades of gray, and there isn't evil lurking around every corner. I didn't mind watching it, I just don't think that that lesson should be taught over and over again to children. the feminist in me didn't like the ending, but it is a fairy tale, and I don't know how they could have made it work except how they did. The graphics were great, including a couple of scenes that had me designing some quilts.

There were lots of people at the theater. Apparently, we aren't the only ones that make movie watching a Christmas tradition. When I first walked into the theater, I didn't see any children, which I thought was strange, but apparently they were all sitting up higher than I was. The main character in the movie wants to own a restaurant, and they talked a lot about foods from New Orleans. I've always wanted to visit there. It seems like one of those places that would be like a different world than plain old Ohio. Anyway, the movie made me want to try some of the foods, so I went home, and looked up "New Orleans pastry" recipe because I didn't know how to spell beignet. A few days later, I made it. The recipe calls for 7 cups of flour! Yikes. I halved it, using only half of the yeast. I should have halved it again, but that would have involved using half an egg and throwing away three fourths of the yeast packet. Looking for the recipe again, I can see that there are recipes that make a smaller batch, but I couldn't find one at the time. They were really good. My mother has forbidden me to eat donuts because they are not healthy, but beignets are not on the "do not eat" list. The princess ate some, and I shared them with my friend and her family when they came to visit.

Yesterday, my brother, daughter and I went to see Avatar. I was told the plot was trite, but I really liked the movie. I thought the plot was great, and the computer graphics was wonderful. I found it very believable, and everything was tied together at the end.


Allie said...

Oh my, I haven't been to a movie since LOTR. And before that? Star Wars. I usually hate what Hollywood puts out - I prefer the really, REALLY old ones.
But I wouldn't mind seeing Avatar.

Tanya said...

Tetsu and I went to see Avatar on New Year's day and we weren't expecting to like it as much as we did. Just beautiful CG work and the story was much more than aliens attacking the earth as so many SF movies are.