Saturday, June 19, 2010

NQA Quilt Show

Last year, when I went to the annual NQA quilting convention, I was very excited. I bought a three day pass, and was there from when the show opened and stayed until it closed almost everyday. My sister and mother joined me on one of the days so we could experience it together.

This year, I was looking forward to going to the show for weeks, but when the actual weekend arrived, I wasn't as excited. Bah Humbug! I worked on Thursday, so I already missed a day. I had people who were going to join me for the show on different days, but they canceled at the last minute.

I got there early, and went straight to the vendor booths, like I did last year. The crowds are looking at quilts, so the vendors booths are pretty empty. Of course, it means I will have to carry my purchases around all day. But as I was looking, I knew that I had given my daughter all of my quilting budget in order to buy fabric for me, and I really shouldn't be spending anything here. I kept my purchases small. Relatively. We weren't allowed to take pictures at the vendor booths without asking, and the first place I asked said not unless you purchase that pattern, so I decided I wouldn't bother anymore.

Then I looked at the quilts. There were lots of beautiful quilts. I took lots of pictures, but by that time there were many people there, and I kept getting in their way trying to back up so I could take a picture of the whole quilt. And I saw a sign that said I could take all the pictures I wanted, but I couldn't post any without permission from the quiltmaker. I wish I hadn't seen that sign.

All those finished quilts made me feel guilty about my quiltathon quilts that aren't finished. I decided to leave early, and save some energy and enthusiasm for the next day.

I had some buyer's remorse, and went back the next day to return my purchase. It was an expensive return, since I had to pay for parking again, but I tried to stay and look at the quilts again. I stayed away from the vendor booths, but did buy rolls for the Strawberry Fields quilt. I guess I am going to have to make it now! I managed to get pictures of the quilts I missed the first day, and since I wasn't in any hurry, I could wait until the crowd moved on to the next quilt so I could take a picture. I do wish they gave more photo taking space for the big winners. But my feet were hurting, and I decided it was silly to make myself stay past the time that my enjoyment was waning.

The show was a good one, and it was nice to meet some fellow bloggers in person. Now when I go visit them in the future, I will know what they look like and have a better feel about their personality.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Oh my gosh! You and your savings and your returnings and your askings and so on and so forth. You remind me so much of me I had to laugh out loud. I swear most of these people don't have a clue as to what public access is to photos etc etc. You can right click the pkg of a pattern on the Internet without a thought but you can't take a picture of it on a sales rack? Oh my. They get so into ownership and the Universe is not built that way! Good goings on the camera, in spite of i all! And for asking!!!

Ann Champion said...

First, let me say it was a pleasure to meet you at the show! :)
My strategy was like yours..I hit the Vendors first for the best selection. The quilts weren't going anywhere. ;)
I admire your bargain shopping. It always feels so good to make your dollars stretch? Maybe you can find the show items you returned online or on sale for a better price?
It's a shame you couldn't take the pics you wanted. Maybe you can find stock photos online? I didn't realize there was a sign that said we couldn't post pics of quilts. I guess I missed that?

Tanya said...

What a shame that they won't let you post pictures of quilts. Would have love to see them!

Barb said...

I didn't see that sign :(
It was great to meet you in person!