Saturday, June 26, 2010

NQA Purchase

The thing with having more than one camera is you have to remember which camera took the picture you want. It's the new one. Then having to sort through all the cords to find the one that matches the camera which has the picture.

I thought I would show you what I bought during the NQA show. The first things I bought were the fat quarters. The three on top of the book, and the one underneath everything. The whole time I was making the African quilt, I kept remembering that I bought the fabric at the show one year, so I thought I should have fabric to remember this year. This was at the beginning when I wasn't going to buy anything.

Then I went by this one booth, and I liked all of the quilts on the walls. Turns out that most of the quilts had patterns in this book. I bought the book, walked almost to the end of the aisle, where there was a booth with nothing but books. Some of them were advertised as autographed. Stupid me! I had just bought a book from an author, and didn't think to get it autographed. I keep typing that as authographed, which might be a better term, even though it isn't a word. Yet.

Anyway, I walked back and got her signature. The next day, I bought the African fabrics. I have African fabrics left from the other year, and the ones in the booth looked similar or exactly the same as those, and I didn't want any duplicates, but I managed to spend quite some time looking at these, and trying to plan a quilt. I planned several quilts in different colorways, but I wound up buying just these three blue fat quarters.

Each little thing underneath the blue fat quarters is called a Cutie, and it is is sold by Sew Unique Creations It is 5 Fat Sixteenths - 9" x 10 1/2", and I think it will be wonderful for mini quilts and Dear Jane and other scrappy quilts. I think I am going to have to keep working on Dear Jane forever, or start another scrap quilt as soon as it is finished, because it gives me reason to acquire a lot of fabric. I probably have enough fabric to make several of that quilt. It was another one of those moments where I bought one, and when I was looking at the quilts, I decided to go back and get another couple of colorways.

It was just a strange year for me - going back to booths I had already been to, having all these indecisions, etc. but I am still glad I went. I did enjoy looking at the quilts, and I am enjoying my purchases.


Allie said...

What lovely goodies you got - I'm so anxious for our Sewing Expo in September!!

Barb said...

Nice loot - The book looks good,I don't know that one.
Enjoy your purchases..