Monday, December 20, 2010


This is an older picture, which does not provide proof, so you will just have to take my word for it, that I am finished with the quilting on the rail fence quilt. Well, the machine part anyway.  I just love the way the diamonds look, and the scallops in the border look pretty good too.

I thought about parallel zig zags, which would make sure that the quilting would be at least three inches apart, but decided to go with the diamond shape instead.  This makes sure there isn't a very long unquilted part through the width of the quilt. Plus it was a lot easier to quilt it this way.

What it does mean though that there is a space where the quilting is six inches apart - in the center of each diamond.  The batting calls for 10 inches so it will be okay, but I am thinking about adding ties through those centers anyway. It will give an old fashioned look to the quilt, and keep me from worrying over the quilt. This center space is where lots of seams meet, so it probably won't be a fun job, but I can go ahead and bind the quilt, and do that part at my leisure.

I've also done some more hand quilting on the Moldy Cheese quilt.  I would love to add it to my finishes for 2010 year end recap, but I doubt that will happen.  But progress is progress, and maybe it will be an early 2011 finish.  I also want to start new things - Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt looks so intriguing, plus her old one - the Double Delight is also on my to do list.  But keeping focused on having a nice recap for you is keeping me focused.  I am allowed to start new things, but finishing what I start brings great satisfaction .


Allie said...

I really love this quilt - the quilting sounds perfect. Good idea to get it bound and work on it at leisure.

Teodo said...
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