Thursday, December 9, 2010

Midnight Ramblings

I was minding my own business when my sister asked me if I wanted to go grocery shopping with her. I went, I put stuff away and sat back down at the computer. I had my family tree up, because I was trying to do some editing - you know, making sure things were explained reasonably, capitalized correctly, there wasn't wasted space, fix typo's, etc. I find this part very difficult, because it is so easy to decide I want to find out something else, and go off searching for new information.

Which is what I did. Wandered off. I don't know why, maybe because it was midnight. I had a person up. She and her first husband are the ancestors. I started searching for the family of her second husband's first wife. It makes absolutely no sense to research them, because they will never show up on any report, and the information will just be sitting useless on the file. It is possible that my person never met the first wife's grandparents. I doubt that they would have family gatherings like that, you know.

But I let myself wander. I do that from time to time, especially around midnight when that "what are you doing?" part of me is sleeping.

Eventually, I found great-grandparents or something, and the names started becoming very familiar. I found Mary White's sister! Apparently I knew her by her middle name, but through this backwards way of finding her, I found both her first and middle names together.

So the person in question - her first husband was a descendant of Mary White, and her second husband's first wife was a descendant of Mary's sister.

I don't think I believe in ghosts, but it does seem like sometimes they help you find them!


Anonymous said...

Did I follow it right - wives were cousins?

Shasta Matova said...

Yes Mimi, they are distant cousins, they probably didn't know, since their common ancestor was several generations ago, although it is possible that they did know. Sorry, you're a no-reply blogger so I couldn't answer you directly.

Allie said...

Maybe you should stay up more often, lol!!!!

Barb said...

good detective work! How interesting. At least you are productive when you are up, I just lay in and think...