Wednesday, December 8, 2010

There's some QUILTING going on

If you compare this quilt with the Simply Squares one, I notice a big difference. This one represents me so much more than the other one. These are the fabrics I have used in quilts I have made. Fabric I would choose and have chosen and have processed into other quilts.  Only they are all out to play together.  Mish-mash.  There are wallflower fabrics, and bright bold ones. There are sedate fabrics and crazy novelty ones. The little pieces show that I'm not afraid of repetitious, tedious hard work.

So when it came to choosing a quilting design, I thought that I could maybe quilt my initials into it. The first letter of my first name on the one row, alternated with the first letter of my last name. I practiced the S over and over again on several pieces of junk mail and their envelopes. I didn't like it. Finally I decided to go back to the zig zag I used on the African quilt. I like zig zag. I could zig on one block, and zag on the other block, and in the end, I would have a pretty diamond shape.

I slept on the idea, and decided that I liked it. But I also got smart enough to realize I could quilt straight lines instead of zigging and zagging, and come up with the same design on the fabric, without all the turning. I'm so glad I figured that out before I started sewing!

But the straight lines means that there is a lot more of the quilt to stuff into the throat of the sewing machine, since it is turned diagonally. Luckily I didn't turn this into a queen sized quilt, which is the other brilliant idea I got while I slept!


Allie said...

I think this is a beautiful quilt!!! Good idea about the quilting, it's easier to keep going on a straight line than all that twisting and turning. Really lovely!

Barb said...

Looks great. this is a great scrap quilt, I'll have to remember it when I want to bust out some scraps.
I wish I had time to machine quilt, I guess January will be here for that.