Monday, December 6, 2010

Word Play Quilts is Available!

  Have you seen the countdown that Clare and Lynne and of course Tonya have been showing?  The excitement has been building. And now, drum roll, Tonya's book has been published and it is available on Amazon! Amazon is even showing you some sneak peeks on some of the pages.  My affiliation?  I've been following Tonya's blog from before she was an author, and I've made a word quilt (yes only one quilt and only one word, and it isn't finished yet, but I have cut out the shapes for the border, so progress has been made.) And I got an affiliate ID, so that if you go to amazon by clicking on the picture, I will get a small commission.  No pressure for you, but if you are buying anyway, I might as well benefit a little bit.  I promise I am not going to turn this into a sales blog.

In other news, I have finished piecing the backing for the Rail Fence quilt and finally found backing fabric for the Simply Squares quilt.  I was tempted to go shopping to buy the backing fabric, but I really wanted to be able to find it in the stash, and I found some in the Christmas fabric.  I guess it wanted to be Christmas quilt, and who am I to stop that?


Allie said...

That book is on my someday list for sure! Can't wait to see the quilts!

Clare said...

Thanks for the link. I wonder how many people are actually going to receive their copy today? I know I'm not cos my online book site is still waiting for it LOL!