Sunday, January 10, 2016

Going Around in Circles

The Quilty 365 Circle Project continues!  Besides joining all the circles I have made already, I've made some more circles.  I'm really enjoying this, because gives me a chance to be creative and start a new project every day.  And since it doesn't take a long time to make a circle, there are lots of finishes!

Here are the latest additions. Since they were already sewn together, I cropped the photos to show only one block at a time. I must have ruined the ratios, since the software cropped them all to fit its ratio. You get the idea anyway.

 I finished this one yesterday. I think it deserves its own photo.  All of these are common embroidery stitches, although you may not recognize them the way I made them.

Last, but not least, to commemorate my Finish Goal, I quilted Awards Banquet. Free motion!  I just need to add the binding and label to get it finished.


Lisa J. said...

I love all the circles and congratulations on fmq awards blanket.

June D said...

What fun your circles are! Are you keeping a list of the inspiration for each one?
Your awards quilt is impressive! Colors are great as well as the design.
: )

Kate said...

Fun circles. Congrats on the finish. Awards Banquet looks great.

Ann said...

These are such wonderful circles. You have such a creative eye!

Shami Immanuel said...

Circles are eye catching. Congrats on the finish. It looks beautiful.