Saturday, January 30, 2016

Quilt Reveal: Dog Gone Cute

Dog Gone Cute is ready for a quilt reveal.

This is Lorna Mahon's pattern from Sew Fresh quilts.  She offered it on her blog for free.  She has many other dog patterns as well.  She is also getting ready to host an Ugly Sweaters quilt-along.

I adapted this one - okay, it was partly an error that I decided to keep because I thought it would get a longer nose this way.  Then I looked at Zeus and realized that I only see his nose when he is looking down but when he is looking up, I see his mouth and chin.  So I  gave the quilt dog a chin.

I quilted straight organic lines, like Lorna would do, but it looked like the Bad Dog picture in the Small Quilts photo album. He looked like he was in jail. I then quilted wavy lines between all the straight lines. I started on the right side, and didn't like the really wavy lines so I made them less wavy as I went to the left.

I bound it with a solid brown. To make sure it got finished this month, since I don't have hand work time, I sewed down the binding on both sides by machine.  It isn't perfect, since I am not used to doing to sewing down the binding by machine (and I was sewing from the front where I couldn't see if the binding was catching on the back), but I managed to get it done, and pretty quickly too.

I showed you the back of the quilt yesterday. With so many finishes so quickly and limited space, the improv elephant quilt didn't get to stay on the bulletin board very long.

It is 17"  x 17 3/4". To see other posts about this quilt, click on the Dog Gone Cute label under this post or in the sidebar. To see other posts about finished quilts, click on Quilt Reveal label under this post or in the sidebar. I think I finished more quilts this month than I did all of last year combined.

Wanda said that for each finished quilt, I can start three new ones. Who am I to argue with that?  So I have picked out three quilts to start!

Shirts Quilt

I received a stack of solid blue shirts from my brother-in-law and I have decided to make a quilt with these to give back to him.  I was considering all kinds of quilt patterns to make but I recently saw the Gee's Bend documentary, and saw a quick glimpse of a Courthouse Steps quilt. The steps are on two sides instead of all four sides.  It only uses two colors and there is very little of the other color.  I figure I could use a pair of jeans for my second color, and make this simple quilt that showcases the shirts.  I won't make it improv method though; I think he would prefer straight lines.  This will be a pretty big quilt though, even if it means I have to buy more shirts, so it won't be a quick finish.

Adinkra Quilt 2016

Debby Kratovil is offering an Adinkra Quilt 2016 block of the month.  I have decided to join her, because this quilt uses African fabrics in a beautiful way and I want to use my African fabrics. It is a simple quilt. Alternating blocks are pieced, and one design is appliqued every month. When I printed the pattern, it printed smaller than the size needed to make the block. This is probably my fault, since I didn't check to see if the printer was going to print actual size.  I was going to consider reducing the size anyway, and now I didn't need to. I decided to use the smaller size. I am going to have to remember to make my alternating blocks smaller.

Scrap Quilt

I am going to start cutting fabric for my next scrap quilt.  When I pull out scraps for the Quilty 365, I wind up having to put the remaining scrap away.  I think it would be better for me to trim these scraps down and get them ready for a scrap quilt.  I am thinking Quilt Vortex, which lets the scraps be the size they are for the most part.  I also want to start cutting fabric for the triangle quilt for my own bed.  I haven't made a quilt for my bed, and although it hasn't bothered me before, it is bothering me now. Mostly because my Walmart quilt is shredding to pieces day by day.

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Hooray!! A finish. Have fun on the 3 new ones!

Frédérique said...

Great finishes! Love the cute dog

Denise :) said...

Cute dog piece ... adding the wavy lines was just the thing! I *adore* the improv elephant piece -- how FUN!! I did a quilt for a dear friend of mine, from her dad's shirts. It was a memory quilt. I was very pleased with how it turned out! Enjoy the process!! :)

Kate said...

Your doggy quilt is very cute. You have lots of fun projects going on.

June D said...

Fun to hear about the dog looking like it was in jail - and how to solved the issue. It looks really nice. I've got a little collection of shirts and t-shirts waiting for me to cut and make into a quilt. Maybe later this year after I finish more of my existing projects. (I, June said acting like she actually finished something in January when really I still need to do the binding and label to really have a full finish.)

Nice that you already have planned what your next projects are going to be. This weekend, I'm still working on a polaroid block then it will be the first of the month and the cycle begins again. It really worked for me to make public list on what I wanted to work on for January and for the quarter. But now I'm starting something that isn't on my quarter list so everything might be thrown out the door in the way of my original plans. We'll see!

: )

Lisa J. said...

Congratulations on your dog gone finish! I love the improv elephant quilt by the way.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Now how cute is that!!!!! I love him! And I love the elephant too - so cute!

Soma @ said...

A very cute puppy! You have a wonderful collection of minis and the puppy fits in there perfectly! That is a very playful looking elephant :)


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

This pup is cute indeed! :) And I love that red and black project as well!

andrea @ tideline quilts said...

I love these dog blocks! To me, they look like Pittie's - and since I rescue Pittie's - it's an instant love connection to these blocks! Can't wait to see the whole quilt!

Mari said...

That really is dog gone cute! Love the puppy, and I've found that the more I practice the machine binding the easier it gets. Try Susie's Magic Binding--it's terrific! (Google it--you'll be happy you did.)

Vera said...

Dog with dots! Perfect! :)

Lara B. said...

Zeus turned out so cute with his little chin Shasta! You need to put another bulletin board up for your minis.
It's striking me funny about the shirts and jeans quilt for your brother-in-law. There is no doubt he would feel right at home using it!

Kaja said...

I love how your bulletin board looks - would inspire me every time I looked at it. Your three new projects sound like a lot of fun.