Thursday, August 4, 2016

August Adrinka Block

I know last time I said I had all month to make the August block, but my finish didn't feel finished, so I went ahead and made it.  It is the middle one in the second row. Only a few more blocks left to go.

I am now working on catching up with the 1857 blocks.  This will take longer since there are several blocks that are released each month.  I think I have a better chance of catching up with the 1857 than I do the circle quilt, since each day the circle count I need to make keeps going up.

Linked to Let's Bee Social. I really enjoy seeing all the different types of projects quilters are making.


June D said...

These are so lovely! Your choices for fabric are wonderful - the gold - purple - blue - white all look fabulous!

Lisa J. said...

This is coming along nicely Shasta. Don't fret about the deadlines too much just keep plugging along .

Kaja said...

This is such an interesting project; I am really enjoying watching it grow.

Karen said...

Unusual applique designs. Is there a story that goes with them?