Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Zinnias in the Garden

It was cloudy when we went for our walk this morning so I decided it was the perfect time to take some photos of my zinnias. I have three beds of zinnias, so there is a profusion of color out there. It's been a harsh sun every every other day I thought about photographing them. It has been dry so the leaves are a bit wilted, but the flowers still look great.

I took a lot of photos of them. The sports setting worked best even though it really wasn't windy this morning. The funny thing is when I chose the best ones, I found I liked 37, 47 and 57 the best. This happens to me quite a bit, where I like every tenth picture. Good thing I have a digital camera!


O'Quilts said... have a green thumb. Those never grow for me here in Charlotte, NC

Kaja said...

Great photos. I especially like how the bee seems colour-matched in the second picture. I have often wondered about growing zinnias but never tried. Maybe next year...

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

These are beautiful photos. The flowers seem to radiate colour and they really shine out from the leaves and background :)