Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Droid Progress

I've been making progress on the Droid quilt, but these parts and pieces didn't seem blog worthy.  It is hard to tell what I am making until I put it all together, but I didn't want you to forget about me, so I will show you my progress.

I knew I wanted to use fabric I already had at home, and found several great choices.  It was hard to choose which fabric to use and where.  In the end, I decided to not let indecision slow down the progress. I especially had a hard time deciding which fabric to use for the skin and which one to use for the undershirt. It is all shades of beige, everything works everywhere.

I chose a stripe for a tunic, and I love the way it looks like folds. I did have to unpick the top right and cut a new piece to make the stripe go the correct way.  Well worth cutting on the bias. There was also a burlap looking fabric that would have looked great for the tunic, but I could only choose one, and the pants also have that burlap pattern.

I was worried about using templates, but it went together without issue.

This is her belt and the bottom half of her tunic. I've been finger pressing since it is really hot.  I'm sure it will be fine when everything is pieced, and I press everything smooth.

This is her pants, legs and part of her boots. She is very slim in the pattern. The pants look more brown than green in real life.

I didn't notice that little fold until I took the picture. I'll fix that.  I also have one of her arms done and ready to add.

Parts of her face are ready to sew.  This is a fun project.


Susan Lenz said...

Love the face! Keep posting "in progress" pictures. They are often so interesting ... sometimes even more thought-provoking than a finished piece! Thanks for the comment on my blog!

ES said...

In progress photos are interesting:) keep sharing:)

Quiltdivajulie said...

Yes - show those WIP photos -- process is important!

June D said...

I enjoy all your posts, but the process ones allow me to follow along and learn!

: )