Sunday, January 7, 2018

Quilting Goals

Here is a list of projects I would like to work on this quarter for the 2018 Finish Along for the first quarter. It is ambitious but any progress would be good on each of them. I've also separated out January's plans for the One Monthly Goal.

On Ringo Lake

When I added this quilt to the list of quilts I have started, I noticed that I had been really good at finishing the quilts I started in 2017. 100% of the quilts I started in 2017 are either finished or started late in the year and currently in progress. I am going to take the prize before the auditors find any mistakes in the record keeping.

I want to keep up with this accomplishment by getting this quilt finished this year. I hope to get the top made by the end of the quarter.



This quilt has been quilted and needs trimming and binding.

365 Circles

There are plenty of older projects that need attention, and I decided that rather than finding older projects to finish, I might as well work on the ones I worked on in 2017 to get them closer to the finish line. I hope to make many more circles for the circle quilt. I think a circle a day is manageable again, so I hope to make 90 by the end of the quarter.

Life of Plenty

This is another quilt I worked on in 2017. I would like this one bordered, quilted and bound by the end of the quarter.

Finish another UFO top

I hope to get at least one UFO quilted by the end of the quarter, but will choose it when the time comes. I want to allow myself some flexibility. The Droid quilt seems like it might be a good one to finish.

I've linked up to Capitola Quilter where you can see other people's plans for the Finish Along.

January's Goals

For the One Monthly Goal, I would like to finish the Adinkra quilt. It is the closest to the finish and it will be nice to get it done. I do plan on making more progress than just this quilt, but will be happy to have a finish to start off the New Year!


Allie-oops Designs said...

Ooh I love all of these! I wish I was more interested in piecing, I really like the look of the Ringo Lake. Great goals, and beautiful projects!

Patty said...

Nice projects. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

Lisa J. said...

This is a nice list of projects to work on. I 'm looking forward to seeing the Andrika quilt finished.

Megan said...

These are all so varied. It will be fun for you to work through this list. And fun to follow along!

Lisa in Port Hope said...

Lovely projects, isn't it nice to have a variety of tasks -- applique and piecing and quilting -- to work on.

SarahZ said...

Looks like you have a good plan!! I think if you are on a 2017 roll, go with it!!

Ann said...

My Quilty365 blocks are not even as far as yours. I would like to get that quilt made this year and have a few ideas. Just need to carve out the time. I remember how much I loved seeing yours with all their intricate and unique details. What fun to see it again here. Most people are using the same color scheme but your fabric choices for ORL are particularly nice. Good luck with these tasks.

canuckquilter said...

Such a lovely collection of projects to work on. Good luck meeting your goals.

Nancy said...

Your circles are quite fun, including the newest ones in your most recent post. I like how you make the circles your own and not just one circle in a square like most everyone else. Very creative of you!

Lynette said...

Wow! Fantastic accomplishment for 2017~!! Your Ringo Lake is pretty.