Monday, January 1, 2018

Word of the Year for 2018

I have enjoyed having a theme for the year for several years, and have chosen my word for 2018.  There were a couple of things that happened this year that helped me choose it.  One day, someone asked me who someone who walked by was.  I said her name, and was about to say what company she was from, when I stopped myself with a thought, "Are you sure?"  The person who asked me thought it was rather rude of me to not answer the question.

The other occasion was the quilting of the Adinkra quilt.  I decided to wing it and do some doodle quilting, just letting myself decide what to quilt as I went along, but there was that internal dialogue again, "Are you sure?" 

My goal for this year is to quiet that voice, and say back, "Yes, I am sure" instead of thinking "I think so" and pushing through despite my lack of assurance. I have worked for corporations all my life, and have attended a meeting or two. I know how to doodle. I am a master at doodling.

My word this year is Confidence. I will work on trusting myself more, and developing the self confidence to quiet that inner voice that makes me doubt what I am doing.


Allie-oops Designs said...

Ah I'm familiar with that voice - I really like your word and thoughts for the new year!!!

Jeanne said...

Happy 2018!

Preeti said...

Confidence is a terrific word for 2018. Whenever the inner voice says - "Are you sure", the honest answer may be - "I am not but I must choose something". I cannot choose nothing and be stuck here. If I wait to be sure of something before I do anything, very little will get done.
I am not sure, but I will try this thing and see how it works out. If yes, then terrific. If not, I will have learned something. It is a mistake only if you learn nothing from it.
Confidence is like courage. It is not the absence of doubt. It is acting in spite of it.
Go boldly, my friend. You will be glad you did.
Like Yogi Berra said - When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

Tanya said...

Good for you! My word for 2018 is CHOOSE. Too hard to explain... but isn't it nice to have our very own word!

Julie said...

Yes, positively delightful word! Why do we second guess ourselves? We all have our own reasons somewhere deep in the psyche/childhood maybe, but I think you're right that we can change that little voice of doubt to one of assuredness. Chin up, and cheers to you in 2018.

June D said...

Great word for always. Cheers!