Friday, August 31, 2018

August Favorite Photos

Each month, I take a look at my photos folder and pick out my favorites to show to you. It gives me a reason to take photographs (almost) every day.  This month, there were multitudes of photos to sort through to choose my favorites.

We went to the India Festival.  There is non-stop entertainment at the center stage, and at each side of the stage, there are many booths of food vendors, as well as many stalls that sell clothing, jewelry, artwork, and service vendors offering legal, real estate, and religious services. At one point at the end of our visit, we sat in the back near where the performers were resting. I liked the shot of the performer watching other performers.

At another time, I went to the side of the stage to take photos.  These women were spinning very quickly to show off their balancing skills, and even though the photo is blurry, I just loved the smile this performer had throughout the dance.

The obligatory passion fruit flower picture from my garden. This one is too close to the tomatoes, but I don't have the heart to take out either the tomatoes or the passion fruit, as they are both volunteers.   This year, we had a lot more plants with white flowers.  These bees look different to me from previous years, thicker and more rectangular.

We took a trip to Iowa. The rest of the pictures are from Iowa. That is a really big wine barrel in Amana. Note the barrels in the background too.

This is Lily Lake in Iowa. The photo does not do it justice, but the entire lake is filled with lilies!

This is also Lily Lake. The Mama Goose was watching her teenagers and did not budge from her spot even though her companions told her to watch out for us.  These are her kids she was watching.

We saw lots of people fishing.

Beautiful sunset before the Balloon Glow festival.

I enjoyed the sculptures and beautiful artwork throughout our trip.

I am still taking pictures of flowers and butterflies no matter where I go. This is the fossil gorge, which was quite interesting.

A hot air balloon festival, Balloon Glow.


Libby in TN said...

Nice photos. I especially like the thistle with butterfly -- beautiful colors. My dad was always photographing wildflowers wherever we went.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I rarely let my thistles get to blooming stage before I pull them out so it was a treat to see the butterfly on a thistle bloom.

Kyle said...

Lovely photos.

Vera said...

Beautiful pics! Looks like you had great month :)

Kate said...

Looks like you had a very busy and fun month. You have some nice shots too.

Mcirishannie f/k/a quilt til you wilt said...

I like the idea of sharing pictures during the month. Might use that as an idea on my blog on the days when I’m not really feeling to quilty

Allie said...

GORGEOUS pics, Shasta - never been to an India festival but it looks amazing! Never been to Iowa either, it looks beautiful. That Lily Lake is incredible - I'd love to see that. I love Balloon Festivals, especially at night when they all light up, so magical looking, like some kind of fairy city.

Julie said...

Gorgeous show of memories! I love the balloon and the overhead of the fishing from the pier. Spectacular!