Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Quilt Exhibit

In my last post, I told you I went to a quilt exhibit, and then went on to show you a quilt I took to the park for a photo shoot. Today, I will show you the pictures from the exhibit

The exhibit is by the Columbus Metropolitan Quilters. They are going to have a bigger show, Quilt Spectacular 2020, “The Roaring 20’s” February 28-29, 2020 at the Franklin County fairgrounds, 4100 Columbia St., Hilliard, OH  43026, where they will have vendors, auctions, and more quilts on display.

Since I showed you 11 pictures of my quilt, I chose 11 quilts from the show for you, in the order I saw them.

The impression I got from this one that it was very neat. I got the impression that this quilter must have worked hard to select the colors and piece everything meticulously. I think this one was quilted by another person, but the quilting is also very tidy. Everything about it is pleasing, especially the colors.

The center block has been on my list of quilts to make for the longest time, and I think it is a great way to use the scraps. I really like the way the block has been adapted to form the borders.

This is a storm at sea with snail's trail at the center. It is a big quilt and very striking. I think this was the biggest quilt at the show.

This was a relatively small quilt (baby?) made with 30s fabrics.I think this is a great way to use them.

I like the radiating effect of these blocks on this quilt.

This was a small quilt that will be at the auction at the Roaring 20s show.

This quilt was made for the Roaring 20s show.  I like the Art Deco feel of it.

This is a small quilt. I really like the simplicity of it. I think the flowers were made with an embroidery stitch.

I like the prettiness of this quilt, and it is refreshing to see it in the winter.

Back to the big quilts, this Baltimore Album was incredible. I spent a lot of time looking at this one. It was needle-turn applique with lots of tiny pieces.

This was a big quilt too with lots of flying geese. It's a striking pattern that I haven't seen before. I like how it looks like some circles are on top of other ones.


Wendy Caton Reed said...

Thank you so much for sharing these. They are all amazing, but I have to say that last one with the flying geese in circles boggles my mind! I can't imagine piecing that.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

The quilts at that show are really nice. I like the medallion quilt a lot.

cspoonquilt said...

Very impressive bunch of quilts! You have a lot of talented people in your guild! I really like that last one too. I has a lot of dimensionality. thanks for posting!

tierneycreates said...

I enjoyed looking at the quilt show quilts! My favorite is the medallion one!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What a treat; like going along to the show with you! As you know, I am working on a quilt like #2, but am struck by the pale color squares that recede (I am not doing that!) and those borders; yes, very nice! The Baltimore Album quilt is simple amazing! I, too, would have "parked" there for a long time!

Kim Sharman said...

How lovely to walk around and enjoy all those beautiful quilts. Such a fabulous selection. Love them all, especially Storm at Sea and the sweet little birdy one. Thank you for sharing, Shasta.

Fiona said...

I love quilt shows, always so fun to see the variety of colours, styles and techniques... great selection...

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Such nice quilts and a great variety of styles. I love that little 30's baby quilt.

Tanya said...

I like the way the colors work into that border on the many squares quilt too.

Unknown said...

Hi There, My quilt is the one with the butterflies, tulips and prairie points. I called it Spring Fling and that reminder of Spring was something you picked up on. I am thrilled that you gave it a nod. This was my first Applique quilt and the first time making prairie points making your mention of my quilt a real motivator to keep trying new processes and sharing my love of colors and quilting. Thanks again!