Friday, July 30, 2021

RagGonNon: Work by Aminah Robinson at Underground Railroad Freedom Center.


Before I create the August folder for photographs, since this is a quilting blog, I thought I would show additional photographs I took of Aminah Robinson's work at the Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Some of these photos are of the same area, but the different angle or zoom leads the eye to different areas so I am including them.

She uses the term, "RagGonNon" which is a play on rag on and on.  She makes her work using found objects, like fabric, beads, shells, leaves, thread, and paint.

 There is stuffed pieces here, creating dimension.

You can see that there are different "blocks" with different themes, joined together. Some of it is painted.

You can enlarge this label to see more information about these pieces. As you can see, they are huge, and measured in feet instead of inches.

As you can see, the edges aren't straightened.

Because it is so big, it is hard to show the top of the quilt.


Robin said...

Fascinating work. She came up with so many different ways to represent people, and numbers, and movement. I love art for arts sake not just trying to make something appealing to the eye.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

What a fantastic quilt. Looks like you had a fabulous time too. I think your "quotes" quilt should be in a museum one day too!

Ann said...

How interesting. What an eye she has to add all these bits and pieces and still get the quilt together.

Rose said...

Oh, my, this would take forever to see all there is to see. I will be back later and open the photos out in a new tab to get a better look. So glad you posted these.

Frédérique said...

Fabulous piece of art, I love it! A lot of details to look at, very inspiring.
Thank you for sharing and linking up ❤️

Tanya said...

Are those socks? How colorful and cheering it all is! I bet one could spend a couple of days looking at it and not see all there is to see.