Monday, February 6, 2023

More Quilty Circles

 On November 16, 2015, I read a blog post from Audrey at Quiltyfolk who was working on a calendar quilt. She was cutting circles and appliquing them onto a background square as a record of her year. I decided to join her and I have been making daily circles ever since then. As in, every time I make a circle, it is a day. And even though I started in 2015, somehow there haven't been enough of those sewing days to make a full 365 blocks. I'm actually not sure how many blocks I will need until I will call the quilt finished.

But I really like making these circle blocks. They let me play and use up the fabric scraps. I was pretty good at throwing away little bits of fabric in January, but this month, I feel like I should use them. And the circles is a great way to use them without the guilt of starting another project. That guilt is coming soon though. 

So lately, I've made a few more blocks. My circle blocks, by the way, don't look like the circles that other bloggers made. Mine are more inspired by circles than they are actual circles. They aren't in any particular order, but numbering them helps me keep track of how many I have made. 

The funny thing is, other bloggers have also been talking lately about their 365 projects that were started with Audrey.

Circle Block 273


The background is from Aunt Daisy / Jazzy Blues. Yes, I am still using it up before doing the inventory to make sure I don't need more of it. The red is from the rail fence I showed you in my last post and the green is from the One Tree I showed you earlier this year.

 Circle Block 274


These are all greens from the One Tree quilt. I will press it at some point.

Circle Block 275


The pinks are from Sonder.

 Circle Block 276


The map fabric is from the back of the Camel quilt. The off white is from Aunt Daisy and the pink is from Sonder.

 Circle Block 277


Background from Aunt Daisy. Green from One Tree.

Circle Block 278


Background from Sonder. Red fabric from Boundaries.

Circle Block 279


Background from Sonder. The sun is from Lansing Leaves and was also put it in the Inspirational Quote Quilt.




Kyle said...

I remember when you were making these. Keep going!

Robin said...

It looks like you're having fun with these. So creative.

Queeniepatch said...

Every block is certainly different from the others, just like every day is different from the day before. We might think our life is tedious at times, but actually, every day is 'an original'. As are your blocks. How will you join them together into a quilt? In order or at random?

Kate said...

Such a fun set of blocks. Once you get these all pulled together it will quite a trip down memory lane as you remember all the projects associated with the fabrics.

Tanya said...

I remember when you were doing the circle quilt. All the small blocks will be a great way to show off the different fabrics that you used during this part of your quilting journey!

Rose said...

"I decided to join her and I have been making daily circles ever since then. As in, every time I make a circle, it is a day."--your line just cracked me up. Maybe that is a sign of how stressful life has been lately.

I have always wanted to make a circle quilt. NO, not always....but I would think for at least the last 1o years it has been in the back of my mind. I like your idea of using up scraps. And even the idea of being inspired by a circle.

Nann said...

What an interesting exercise in creative inspiration!