Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fabric Selection

I decided to reward myself for finishing the Quilts for Kids quilt top by making a doll quilt. Yes, I changed the thread. I will eventually have to change it back to finish the Quilt for Kids.

As I told you earlier, I am making a nine patch doll quilt that Kathleen Tracy submitted to the Fairfield site. I've given you a link already, and will give it to you again when I show the finished quilt. I grabbed a box of scraps, and added some additional scraps from the next box, and brought them downstairs where I sew. When I came downstairs, I made the decision that I should just use what I brought down, instead of going back upstairs for more scraps.

I really like the quirky combination of fabrics that make you think that someone dug deep down their scrap bin to find the fabrics to use in the quilt. Quirky is good, but of course, the wrong combination of fabrics can also ruin a quilt, so it was kinda scary. Of course, I had to weed out the ones that wouldn't work on the quilt. If my fabric combination is ugh and not quirky, please don't tell me. I don't want to know.

Anyway, I am done with the blocks, and have put the rows together. Just have to put the quilt together. I thought I would show you where some of the fabric came from.

All of the greens in the nine patch came from one quilt, but I can't remember which one! Okay, I remember. I made Orange Juice on the Patio quilt. I can't find a picture of it though.

The olive comes from the album quilt that is on the header.

The centers are from various places, including the Trip Around the World, and some fabric that was reserved, but hasn't been used yet, for the Jane quilt, and from these two quilts:

The yellows I used as a background are both from other people. One of them came in a box of scraps I received from a fellow quilter. The other yellow came from someone at work to make a prayer quilt. Both the yellows were used in the prayer quilt and this one.

The setting triangles were already triangles in my scrap box and they were just the right size! I think I may have rejected them because I cut them the wrong size for the project, or maybe they were the wrong color. I don't remember what project they were intended for, but they fit just right in this quilt.

I cut two squares for the center, but was really unhappy with them. The directional prints are facing the wrong direction. I cheated and searched my Jane quilt fabric (not called scraps until the quilt is done) to find
two pink squares that were actually used in the Delectable Mountains Quilt:

The brown border fabrics was used in a quilt for my mother, and the blue one has been in many blue quilts, including the star one shown above.

Eventually I will show you the finished doll quilt.


Allie said...

I can't wait to see it - and I can't believe you can remember where all the fabrics came from! I love scrappy quilts, and quirky quilts - yours looks wonderful!

Barb said...

Looking forward to the finished doll quilt.
I love 9-patches and I love that you decided to use what you had at hand.