Saturday, May 29, 2010


Yesterday, our project finished. It's been going on all month all day and almost all night. It is always so exciting to get the "No Work Available. Contact your supervisor" popup on the computer. Generally we finish the cleanup, take a little break, and then figure out what is needed for the next project, if there is another one.

There is one, and it has more flexible hours. I figured I would do the cleanup and get a nice long break for Memorial Day weekend. I could get an early start on the next project - get things ready, figure out what needs to be done, print out stuff, make a plan, get organized, etc., but not have to do any "real" thinking work until next week.

Seconds after the No Work Available popup showed up, my boss called me on the cell phone. He said, "good news, I know you don't have very much time before the deadline for the next project, so I got overtime authorized for you. It's okay for you to work this weekend, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, whatever you want, in order to get things done on time."

Gee, thanks.


Gari in AL said...

How very thoughtful, not!!

Do you work from home?

Gari in AL said...

How very thoughtful, not!!

Do you work from home?

Allie said...

Why how kind of your boss. He's really looking out for you, isn't he? *rolls eyes* Try to enjoy your weekend anyway, ok?

Barb said...

that is an impressive stack of paper. What kind of work do you do, or is it top secret?

Sunshine said...

Hey, you can copy your reply to Barb's question to me - I'm wondering the same thing. It sounds horrid to work on a weekend, but the whole "project-work hard-finish it-success!" idea intrigues me :)