Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Did you notice anything about this quilt. No, not the fact that it doesn't have a binding on it.

Here, look closer.

No, not the irregular stitches and the noticeable stops and starts, what are you, the quilt police?

It has been free motion quilted. Yes, I did that. After about a year, I finally managed. All I did was put the plate to cover the feed dogs, changed my stitch length to 0, and put in the darning foot. I'm sure I did all those things before, but this time it worked. I even used the red thread that didn't work last time. It would have been nice to write something, (the preamble to the constitution, the pledge of allegiance, some interesting patriotic quote) using free motion quilting, but I decided to use a simple stitch for my debut.

I hope it is the start of many more free motion quilted things to come.


Sunshine said...

Congratulations! What a momentous step! Did you practice on something else before? I admit, I never really practice, I jump right in and hope for the best - I feel like I'm wasting my time practicing ;)

Now there'll be many more free-motion quilting projects to come, I bet! You should check out 365 days of free-motion quilting designs by Leah Day (link on my bottom blog roll) - she's up to 200 or so designs now, simple to difficult, but very inspirational!


Allie said...

Well congrats, girl!!! Good for you! It looks wonderful!

G'G'ma said...

Great job. It is so intimidating to see some of the machine quilters precise beautiful work. My first love is hand quilting but the hands don't want to do that any more!! I'm getting better with my Baby Lock that has a larger opening but have a long way to go.....
But then, I make quilts to be used, washed and hopefully loved. I was so pleased to see my 23 year old twin grandsons HS quilts on their beds. When we went to their U of MI graduation recently they both pointed out the quilts in each room.