Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weekend Update

Twice already, we have hosted a Japanese student through my daughter's high school's student exchange program. Last week, my daughter sent me an email that she wanted to participate again this year. Last year's program was canceled due to flu concerns.

I decided that maybe I should forgo another quilting marathon and do some spring cleaning. I had originally thought I would wait until this project at work is finished, but the program starts right when this project ends.

I have to admit that I think I got more cleaning done in each of my quilting marathons than I did this weekend. Fitting in some cleaning in a quilting marathon is pretty easy. Fitting in cleaning during a cleaning marathon, not so much. Of course it didn't help that I found this book on the library's website while I was looking for something else.

In The Fortune Quilt, a quiltmaker makes quilts that are waiting for a particular recipient she hasn't met yet. When she meets them, she gives them the quilt, along with their fortune. Seems like it could be a series, but it isn't. The fortune and quilt is given to this woman whose life is about to change drastically. The quiltmaker stays in the story, as a supporting role. It's a witty book. It isn't what you would expect from a fictional book about quilts, because most of then tend to be more politically correct. In this one, there is cursing, a Wiccan, a gay couple, a transgendered person, etc. I really enjoyed the book.

I want to order more books by Lani Diane Rich, but I think I'd better wait until I've done some serious cleaning.


Barb said...

I should be doing spring cleaning too!
the book sounds interesting
have a great day

Michele Bilyeu said...

Ha ha to you and your marathons! The book sounds good, love the cover and I'm thinking I should really and truly be starting a sleep marathon. I never actually sleep, so maybe that way I'd get a lot more done!!!

Allie said...

I've never hosted a student before, I bet it's fun - but ack the cleaning, lol!

Tanya said...

I'll check it out!

Sunshine said...

I just tried to order this book from my library since your review sounds interesting, but they don't have it. THey only have one book by her, in fact, Dogs and Goddesses, oh, and I see that Jennifer Crusie is co-authoring it - I love her! If you ever need some ligth funny reading, check out welcome to temptation, faking it (about Art!), fast women, bet me, tell me lies - they're all great!