Sunday, March 8, 2015

Another turtle and another bird

I made a lot of progress on my Life of Plenty quilt yesterday. Instead of only one finished block, you get to see three!   Jeni from the Willow has posted the last block of this quilt, and will be working on finishing instructions and borders next, so if you want this pattern, you had better go over to her blog and get it while it is still free!

I did another substitution, and instead of a little pumpkin, I added a turtle. It uses the same green fabric that was used on the Elephant Parade quilt.  There is a bigger pumpkin on the quilt, and as I said in my last post, I didn't want to make this too much of a fall quilt.

This bird is one of the blocks that are in Jeni's quilt.  I started with the same green floss as the turtle, but it is light for this block, so I switched to a darker green.  It is therefore variegated!

To give my wrists a break, I decided to make a pieced block from the quilt.  I have been randomly making blocks, and choosing fabrics. I noticed that the directions is building the quilt as we go along, so I should be checking the placement of the fabrics I choose, but hopefully if I will be able to swap out the places in the quilt if I have the same fabric too close to each other in the quilt.

There are a couple of in-process blocks I will show you later, but as you can see, this stack of blocks is getting bigger and looking more like a quilt!


Karen said...

I have a few of the blocks done for Jeni's sew-along and quite a few to make yet. It is an enjoyable project to work on though.

Allie said...

Loving your progress - these blocks are just darling!