Sunday, March 22, 2015

National Quilting Day

Happy belated National Quilting Day.  I hope you had plenty of time for quilting.

The Quilt Show is offering all of its older episodes for free this weekend, so I was able to find lots of inspiration. I was supposed to be making blocks for Elephant Parade, but  I wasn't able to think and machine sew, and also pay attention, so I did some handwork. I made two blocks for A Life of Plenty.

I had the hardest time fitting the flowers in this one until I realized I had cut the background too narrow, so I added another piece.  I really like the folk art nature of these tulips. I put a date on this one. Now I am obligated to finish it this year!

Here they are on the floor in a random manner. I'm still not sure about that row of pieced blocks in the center.  That pink and brown just seems to disappear, but it may be the wood background that is causing the problem.  I am going to think about what to do with those. Right now, I am thinking of making this section into two blocks instead of one.  Maybe Ohio stars and friendship stars, applique, or a combination of stars and applique.

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Sally Langston Warren said...

Ohhh, i love your tulips! And the pumpkin! And your dancing people in the next post! (I am a member of the Liberated quilters chat group and saw you post there about your elephant parade). I like the pink/brown blocks. I think they are just blending in with the wood floor right now....but you could always put a thin border around them if you still felt they needed something extra. Jspwarren at aoldotcom.