Thursday, March 5, 2015

Leopard and Frog
Boing Boing CC BY-2.0 via Wikimedia

As you can see a leopard looks pretty much like the tiger I showed you in the last post.  This means I really should have written down the measurements I used to make the tiger. It might have a slightly longer neck, at least it does in the picture!  Look they even have a very similar pose with the legs.

Once I have finalized the tiger, I will be able to get to work on the leopard. I was supposed to show you the finished leopard with this post, but I haven't even started it!  Maybe I should also try to work on a giraffe in the meantime.

But I do have a finish to show you!  I love making these little blocks.  It means I can show finishes on every post!

I made the frog block last night. It was so quick and easy; I had everything pieced together before I realized I was done!  Yes, I still need to applique the eyes.  The leg fabric was used in Lansing Leaves, and I think it works wonderfully as a frog too. The body fabric was used for the turtle. It is a Mirage fabric from Connecting Threads. I got a whole bunch of small pieces of different colors from them when they were having some kind of sale.  I am enjoying working with all the different colors.

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Allie said...

That's so cute!