Friday, March 6, 2015

Bunny Rabbit

One of the blocks on A Life of Plenty is a small cat.  I didn't want a cat in my quilt. I am allergic to cats, and my allergies are plenty aggravated lately since the basement cleaning. I was debating what to do instead while I worked on another block, a sprig of leaves. Should it be a turtle?  Not a cow, how about an elephant? A playful dog would be nice.

It's been snowing all winter.  And when it isn't snowing, it is cold, which means the snow doesn't melt.  And if you need more variety, sometimes it is even cold AND snowing.  The heater keeps turning back on right after it turns off.  But my mood has not been affected, and I have come to realize that, indeed, I have a life of plenty.  This is probably because I was able to work from home this winter instead of having to drive out there in these weather conditions to go to work.

I took a picture of Zeus in the deep snow one day. He absolutely loves playing in the snow. He begs to walk no matter the weather or temperature, as long as it is not lightening. The photo took a while because I really had to time it right until he was in deep snow.  I shouldn't have bothered since the very next day, it was deep like this pretty much everywhere!

The night before last, I peeked out my window and saw a rabbit in my garden. It was just sitting there on top of the snow, frozen.  I thought that he might be sitting still because it felt my presence. I walked away, but when I came back a few minutes later it was still sitting there. So cute!

Then yesterday morning, I was going through my blog reading and came across Jeni's blog.  She hadn't posted another block for A Life of Plenty, but she had posted a different free design for a blog hop. Yep it was a rabbit, and I decided it was the right substitute for the cat.  I had to shrink it to fit, which made it harder to applique.

It had to be pink, because a lot of people are making pink elephants for the elephant parade.  Also because I do not want my quilt to turn out to be a fall quilt. Plus spring is around the corner. And also because I had a scrap of pink fabric out to make the flying geese for this quilt. I decided to use a buttonhole stitch because I don't know if there is enough contrast between the pink and the background. I am working on trying to improve the quality of my applique, but since I added a new element of buttonhole stitch, it doesn't look like it is a higher quality. I used a children's washable marker to trace the pattern; that's why his leg looks so pronounced. I need to wash it off. The pattern also has some flowers, which I might add if there is space.

Here it is with the other blocks. I haven't shown you the leaves yet because I still need to figure out how to do the stem, and a couple more leaves need to be appliqued down. 


Denise :) said...

Wow -- you've got *real* snow! LOL! Your bunny is darling -- the spot of pink in the mix is pretty! :)

Allie said...

My English Springer Spaniel used to love the snow - she'd bury her face, then throw the snow up in the air. Fun! I LOVE YOUR BUNNY - so cute!

Tanya said...

Zeus looks like he is having fun! we didn't get enough snow this year for Choco to play. Which is fine with me! It is still too cold!