Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Project 365 Day 2

Today's block represents the feeling I get at the start of almost every quilt project.  I debate about the pros and cons of the many options in my head and go back and forth, around and around, until I finally settle and commit to the plan. Sometimes it takes a while to get to the commitment stage.

Yesterday, almost as soon as I posted my block, I looked at some other blogs and came across Amanda Jean's circle quilt It was nice to see what a circle quilt could look like when more circles had been added, but hers isn't a calendar quilt. It uses fabric from particular fabric lines and is so coordinated and so pretty. I was already wondering if I should just make circles instead of going off on tangents with trees and such, and seeing this beautiful circle quilt just made it louder.

Should I keep it simple and use circles only using a template?
What colors will represent what mood?
Should I focus on continually improving my mastery of skills?
Should I do my best?
Should I keep if casual or formal?
Will the background be pieced or whole?
Will the circles all be a certain size and shape or can they vary?
Will I like it in the end?
Should all the blocks be the same size?
What if I don't like the block later?
Should I keep them in chronological order or arrange them in a pleasing manner when I am done?
Should I attach the blocks as I go along or wait until the end?
Can I cut up fabric yardage for these, or do I only have to use scraps?
Should the applique be hand appliqued, turned under, fusible web or can it be free form?

The problem is that there are so many beautiful ways to make this quilt, and they are all right in their own way.  And until it is too late to turn back, I will keep debating until I finally commit to the plan. And I do tend to break the rules once I make them (like my scrap only rule I made up yesterday and broke both yesterday and today) so my commitment is somewhat fickle!

The background fabric was used in my Christmas trees quilt. The black fabric is a whole fat quarter that I received from a swap. I haven't made any black and white quilts. I say this as I look at my improv quilt which has plenty of black and white fabric I could have used, but I don't know where the scraps are for it. I did fuse the applique.


Quiltdivajulie said...

What a universal list of wondering questions . . . I like the idea of mixing circles and circular shapes (like trees and spirals, etc.) . . . I am not keeping mine in chronological order but am blogging them a week at a time (with counting numbers so I can refer back to see where I am). Scraps, yardage, whatever suits your mood at the moment you are making the block - I call "NO RULES" except the self-imposed need for order we all wrestle with (hence my scrappy blue backgrounds - minimal control)

June D said...

WOW! I'll be following with interest. Thanks for sharing.