Monday, November 16, 2015

Quilty Project 365

Audrey at Quiltyfolk is working on a calendar quilt of sorts.  She will be choosing fabric each day, cutting it out into circles and appliqueing them to a standard size background square.  It will be a record of the fabrics she liked and a record of her year.

Since I missed out on the last calendar project, and since I really like circles, I was thinking of joining her. I know I have no business starting a new project, but really how hard can a circle be? Please don't answer that. That is a rhetorical question to which I know I probably won't like the answer. I will be using raw edge and fusible applique to make it easier for myself. I might skip a day or two and wind up having nonconsecutive 365 days. I may wind up having a different number than 365 depending on how big I want my quilt to be as I get further down the line.

I think that I will make my circles more elaborate - some will be cut into spirals and other circle like shapes.  I might even embellish some with beading or embroidery, or applique other things on top of a circle, or use layers of raw edge circles, etc.  Yes, I can dream big at the beginning. I'm sure in the end, I will use a lot of plain round circles too. I think I am going to make mine smaller than hers - 3 1/2" squares finished, so 4 inch unfinished.   I don't want the quilt to get too big.  I think that a layout of something like 17 X 22 squares so 59 1/2" X 77" would be a manageable size. Since a full size mattress is 54 x 74, I think this size would work. I could add some more time to the quilt if I wanted to have more overhang.

This is just an introduction post. I will be making and posting today's circle later.

Come join us if you want. It will be fun.

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