Thursday, February 25, 2016

1857 Album Quilt

I've been talking about the 1857 Album Quilt for a while, but I haven't shown you any of it yet.  The pattern is free from Sentimental Stitches as a 2016 quilt-along.  I've always wanted to do an album quilt, and I don't know what it is about this quilt that made me decide this is the one, besides the fact that the pattern was free, and it is hard to resist so many quilt-alongs.  I really like the beautiful variety of images in this quilt. There are 64 blocks in the quilt.

I sneakily talked about buying fabric - it is very rare for me to buy fabric specifically for a quilt. I tried to retain the mood of the quilt, but will not be using reproduction fabrics. Some of these are from a charm pack for variety, and others are from yardage.  I washed, dried, and pressed the fabric, something that is probably even more rare for me than buying fabric!  I traced shapes onto fusible, pressed them to fabric and then cut out the shapes out of  the fabric.

Yesterday, I was finally able to arrange the shapes onto the background and can show them to you. These pictures don't do the blocks justice - still winter and dark.  I will use a machine buttonhole stitch to secure the applique. I am showing them with the pattern so I could keep track of the block numbers.

 Forgot to reverse the pattern - you were right Allie!

I did press these blocks but it certainly doesn't look like it. Do I need a new iron?


Mary Marcotte said...

Not time for a new iron. Sometimes good fabric "remembers" the crease and it takes a few presses to remove the lines. It will likely release the crease during the time that you sew the blocks, but if not, a rinse in warm water with a little vinegar will do the trick (and help set the colors, too).

Those appliques are just perfect. The light background helps to brighten up them up. I find that reproduction fabrics on those dreary tan or brownish fabrics are depressing but your decision to use the lighter fabrics sure makes a difference. I love the blocks.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Well I am certainly glad to know I'm not the only one, lol!!!! GREAT blocks, and great idea to do them with fusible - I've seen lots of needle-turn but I can't do that [successfully]. Beautiful!

Cheryl said...

Great looking blocks!

Soma @ said...

Great blocks in lovely colours!! Have a wonderful time making your quilt.


June D said...

Wow! I'm impressed again with your progress and productivity! Your blocks and fabrics are great again.
: )