Sunday, February 14, 2016

Yellow Challenge

Factotum of Arts is sponsoring a challenge to create a palette of yellow fabrics. Here's my submission.

When looking for a color to go with the yellow, I found that I liked these greens the best - a classic color combination is classic because it has been tried and tested. I like the long vertical stripes in many of these fabrics, and added a few other prints for balance.


Sadami said...

Dear Shasta, Thank you for visiting my blog and kind comment.
You make so many wonderful and different quilts!! That amazes me. I can't do it. So I admire you. My blog friend "Agnieszka"
does watercolour, writing books and crafts/quilts.
Have a wonderful and creative week! Best wishes, Sadami

Kaja said...

This looks like a fun challenge: I like your selection of fabrics.

KathyE said...

This was a very welcome picture this morning making me think Spring is just around the corner. However, the snow continues to fall outside my window :-( Love the yellows!