Thursday, February 4, 2016

Circles 65

I am sure by now you are sick and tired of seeing the guilt-inducing finished quilts, and want to see something that has no chance of being finished anytime soon.  I am happy to oblige.  I have 65 circles completed. 

I used an embroidery stitch from my machine for this one. Trying to put some calmer colors in this section.

 A pieced one. The center square finishes at one inch. I made a nine patch and trimmed it into a circle.  It is a combination of precision and improv piecing, in that it is precision until it doesn't work right, then it is improv. I'm not getting out the seam ripper unless I absolutely can't get it to work.  The pattern idea came from a recently published book that is going through a blog hop.  I wrote the name down somewhere...

The idea for this car was also on a blog. It was a pattern on a project. The passengers fabric is an African print that was used on a BOM.

This one is about rules - who has the right to make them, knowing what the rules are, of breaking them deliberately or accidentally, of enforcing them, and the reasonableness of the punishment for breaking them.

The circle fabric is from Cheddar Cheese and Crackers. The design looked like a stream to me.

Copying the idea of a pieced background from another Quilty 365 participant.

Copied the idea of a half applique and half embroidery circle from another blogger.  I kept the blog open on a tab so I could properly attribute it, but then accidentally closed it. Mine is not as neat as hers, so maybe she wouldn't want the attribution.

Here's the whole week's worth altogether.

And sewn into the previous section. I don't know how I managed to get it to fit without a vertical sashing strip. This is three rows of week three.  There is a lot of red in this section. I need to add more red to the weeks 1 and 2.

Only 300 more to go!


Allie-oops Designs said...

That fish one does look like it's in a stream, lovely! And only 300 more....girl, you're braver than I am, lol.

Cut&Alter said...

Love your comment - only 300 to go!!!! Great circles and they have given me some inspiration for a circle block swap I am part of through a FB group.

Kaja said...

More great circles. I love the first one, with the little embroidered circles down the centre and the 9-patch circle. They are also look very effective en masse.

June D said...

These are all great. What a treat to get to read the thinking behind the circles! Thank you!