Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I've been watching TV while I have been ripping seams, and am trying to keep up with news and happenings. It constantly amazes me. You know the news - financial crisis, Hurricane Ike destroys things in Texas, election campaigning, etc. You know what our headlines are?

It is about electricity coming back to the city. Every station, every headline. All week. Yes, it is important stuff, but the electric company has been working all week getting power back. Right now 99% of the city has power, so they interview the 1% of people who don't have it. They have long extension cords from their neighbors across the street. I'm not saying it isn't inconvenient or important and shouldn't be in the news. They do need to keep the electric company accountable. I'm saying it doesn't have to be the leading story, every day. They spend five minutes on that. Then another five minutes to tell you the rest of the news. Then the rest of the time they talk about sports and weather. Yesterday, they finally talked about people returning to Texas to see their entire houses devastated.

Meggie was talking about watching John McCain on The View. Meggie is way over in Australia. The only reason I know Australia exists is because I saw it on a map, and some fellow bloggers say they live there. Oh and I watched a couple of Nature shows about parrots and crocodiles in Australia this week. I have no idea about their politics. I'm not saying I want to, but I just think that if we keep talking about the same thing every week, it keeps us from finding out about the other people who live in the world with us.


Donna said...

and now you know part of the reason I don't read the paper or listen/watch the news -- I hear everything I want to from others around me and am never "out of the loop" when it comes to the real news, and I haven't had to hear there's nothing new to tell you so let me tell you what I told you last time 20 times! :-)

Elaine Adair said...

Ooops, you forgot to mention the extremely important "Mrs. Palin's earlier jobs in the '80s", the hairdo she had, what 'the Dude' was doing --- who wore what at some Hollywood affair, -- all very important stuff! Puleeeeeze -- tell us what is happening that is NEWS!!!

I should be thankful TV is so very crummy these days - I actually forget to turn it on!

mereth said...

My sister and I were in America ten years ago and were amazed at how there was no 'World News' only American stories. When we got back to Australia after 5 weeks we found there had been a huge upheaval of government in Indonesia which affected every country in the region including Australia, and not a word had we heard.
And we've got so much coverage of your politics I'm getting sick of it, even an American rerun of an clip criticising how Obama dresses!I don't call that 'news' and explains why I don't bother with it as a rule.
Hmm, best not to talk about politcs !!Hope you're making progress with your quilt and post some pictures soon.