Friday, September 12, 2008


The no waste method of making flying geese is working wonderfully, and I am enjoying quilting again. Hopefully this means you won't have to hear any more whining for a while, at least until it gets to be time to quilt this baby. I'll probably be tacking it by hand, because there is no way I am going to try to stuff a queen size quilt into my sewing machine.

Now that things are going smoothly and I am enjoying the process, my thoughts have been wandering. I am not planning a new quilt anytime soon, at least until this one and another one is finished. I promised Finn, after all. And that's my rule - two finishes for every start.

Then I started thinking about people who haven't received quilts from me. My brother in law is the only one in the family who hasn't received anything from me, and maybe he is feeling left out. And there is that baby that was born this summer. I was going to buy her a gift but my daughter said, why don't you make her a quilt? My excuse was that it was too hot in the summer for a quilt, but now that it is getting cooler ... Hopefully I can finish up one of my UFOs and give that to her as a gift.

And then there are all these lovely quilts I keep seeing when I read my bloglines. Some of them are so tempting, especially the little projects.

I am going to try very hard to keep focused on finishing this quilt before I start anything else, but I'm not making any promises!


Donna said...

resisting temptation is hard, but think of the character you're building! :-)

Tina said...

Stay strong! You can do it!