Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quality Work

Remember the book I told you about, Replay? The one where the guy goes back to when he was younger and lives his life all over again? It feels like the stars I am now making were started by me in a previous lifetime. I had put everything away for the birthday party, and when I brought them back out, I had a bunch of pieces I had to figure out. Some of these pieces may have needed trimming or some other kind of work, but without any notes, I had to figure it all out. So I had problems. Some of these were simply badly cut.

But this is a new lifetime, right, so the next batch of stars will be made correctly. I brought out some previously cut pieces (I tried to only cut for one type of block at a time, but if there was extra fabric, I thought I would save time and cut whatever other pieces I could out of it). Well, some of the squares were not square. You would think someone with this much quilting experience would know how to cut a square. I am going to blame the ruler, which has solid lines for the 1/2 inch on two of the sides and solid lines for the 1 inch for the other two sides, even though they are clearly marked and I do know better.

And this time quality inspection was on high alert, so I discarded the "squares" and started all over. I had to remind myself that I could save the time of yelling at myself, since either way I would have to correct the errors. This time, I measured, twice, and then cut. I then measured again, all sides, just to be sure. This time, with properly cut triangles, sewing would be a breeze, and I would get these finished in no time. I counted all the pieces to make sure that I had the right amount. This is harder than it seems since it is a scrappy quilt, it involves cutting a couple of triangles out of each piece of fabric. Yep 32 of the G triangles and 64 of the F triangles. I laid them out and made a couple of flying geese, being careful to use the correct seam allowance. I took them out of the sewing machine to measure the finished part.

Yep, it's official. The new me isn't any smarter than the old me. I need C and I pieces, not F and G.


Donna said...

arggggg I feel for you. The frustration I'd be feeling about now would preclude this project ever being compelted -- it'd be repurposed into something else, but not completed as planned!

Perry said...

Don't you just hate it when you can't seen to get something right? I have been struggling with the Star BOM on JudyL's blog that I am making. For some reason it has really been a struggle. Time to stop and do something else.