Sunday, September 14, 2008


I had the day off Friday, so I made big plans. I thought I could buy some paint and paint the garage door. Or I could clean - I hear people do that. Since the house had been cleaned for the party, it wouldn't take very long to bring it back into shape. Apparently, not only am I allergic to dust and therefore cleaning, I am also allergic to thinking about cleaning. I had a serious allergy attack on Friday. My eyes were watering so I couldn't see much, and I sneezed a million times. When I went to bed that night, my jaw and my stomach hurt so much from all that sneezing that I couldn't sleep.

The next day I felt hung over from the medication, but the allergies were gone. No more thinking about cleaning. So in the meantime, I read a library book by Parnell Hall. It is a very quick read about a little old lady who solves mysteries and has crossword puzzles written in her name. She is a chain smoker who has been married many times. It isn't high brow reading, but fit the bill exactly for someone who couldn't concentrate very well. The book is all mostly dialogue, so you don't have to read a lot of descriptions. He repeat the clues from time to time, and help you remember who all the characters are, without being condescending.

I recommend it. This is apparently the ninth book in the series. I have reserved the other books in the series to see how they are, read one, and it is similar in style - just a different murder. The rest of them are about crossword puzzles and not sudoku, but since I enjoy sudoku, and not crossword puzzles, it was more likely to reel me in.

Also I read a Good Housekeeping article (September) which reminded me of the mindful eating that Carol has been talking about. I agree - you have to enjoy and savor your food. Otherwise, I think I wind up saying, hey that was good, and get a second serving just to savor it!

On the quilting front, I did finish the light stars. Yeah! Now I have to start on the dark ones.

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