Monday, January 24, 2011


My daughter has a tendency to forget her credit card at school when she comes home, but somehow she never forgets the lists of the things that she wants to buy while she is here.  She needed school supplies for an art class she is taking.  I believe it is her only elective, since all the other classes went for her double major. It turns out that the art teacher has been to Japan, and he wants to teach them some calligraphy using Kanji words. She'll have fun with it, I'm sure.  So even her art class will help advance her East Asian studies.

In one of her classes, she has to speak Japanese.  Basically, she and her friend talk while the professor sits and makes sure they are speaking in Japanese.  When I met him, he told me that he has learned a lot about me through these conversations.  Scary!  This weekend, she wanted to know how to translate "neurotic" in Japanese.  I am hoping she doesn't find out, in case she wanted to use it in reference to me. Thank goodness she isn't taking that class anymore.

The newest member of our household is having trouble navigating our hardwood and tile floors.  Those things are much more slippery than I imagined!  I have scattered some rugs on the floors for warmth as well as traction, but I am especially worried about the steps, because they can lead to dangerous falls. I went to a home improvement store where everyone was very helpful, but the young man who was helping me with the slippery steps condition didn't quite get that I don't want indoor/outdoor sandpaper stickies on my hardwood floors inside my house. It wasn't his fault though, because the store probably didn't have a better solution.  They didn't sell carpet treads.

I did find some online here, and these Carpet Stair Treads - Black and Beige Scroll Border should do the trick. Add that to the list of what it costs to own a dog. And a fence. And a new pair of tennis shoes.  He thoroughly licked my shoes clean inside and out while I was out with my daughter.  I think I should be able to hire him out for that service. Maybe that will help offset my credit card bills.


Allie said...

LOL - I think if my boys were taking a language course, I'd take it along with them, so I'd know when they were talking about me!!
You are so good to that dog. Not sure I'd want him licking my shoes though. Carpet treads are an excellent idea, for both of you! Gosh I hate stairs. This is the first home I've lived in that had them, and I could easily do without them.

Barb said...

I was worried about our dog too, as we live in a split level, so lots of hardwood steps.
I got braided stair rugs - yours are lovely, don't remember seeing those.
Sounds like your daughter is taking interesting courses!
You have my pity on the art supplies, they are $$$

Barb said...

Love your rugs....

Funny about your daughter, maybe she should meet my son, he wants to learn Japanese as well. At on point he was teaching himself.