Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Lauren did a Wordle, so I decided to do another one for my blog. It is designed to make the more frequently used words bigger.  As you can see, one particular word remained bigger than the rest.   If you squint and try really hard, you will notice that quilt is are there on the left side, quilting is there somewhere in the jumble, daughter is close to the top left, and book is on the right side.  And a teeny-tiny fabric at the bottom.

Apparently, this, my quilting blog, hasn't talked about quilts or quilting much this year. To be fair though, there must be a limit to the number of posts they go back, since I couldn't talk about that big word until this year.

You'll notice that I am not using that word in this post at all, (in case I want to do that Wordle thing again later).  You will also notice that the topic of this post is that word itself and not what the word represents.

In quilting news, the backing for the Simply Squares quilt has been put together and pressed.  The batting is ready.  Time for sandwiching the quilt.  The little quilt for the quilt swap is also finished, and I am about to email the photos to Kate now.

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Allie said...

ROFL - I'm going to have to try this myself, I wonder how much fabric talk there would be! Too funny.