Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Missed It

Wasn't it just yesterday when it was 10/10/10, and I was talking about finishing a quilt on that date, so I could add that to the label? Then it was 1/10/11 which is also an interesting date, and I thought it would be good to do the finishing touches on the swap quilt on that date, but then I realized that 1/11/11 was just the next day, and maybe that would be a better finish date. I am going to take the hand quilting stitches out of the heart and find some buttons or beads to put in them.  Then I got lazy, and well, another interesting date went by without a finish. Sigh. Maybe I should prepare now for November 1 (11/1/11).  If I finish it today, I am still going to put 1/11/11 on it, in honor of the date, since I did think about finishing it yesterday! 

Isn't that such an interesting tree in the picture?  Zeus is getting over his cough, and now I am trying to work with him to get over his separation anxiety.  He whines whenever I am out of the house, even if my daughter is home.  Luckily, it snowed yesterday, so as I kept coming in and going out for short periods of time to get him used to me doing so, I could shovel.  I am sure my gas bill will show how many times I did this.  He was fine as long as he had a bone to chew, but then he started whining again.  Today. I took him for a walk to tire him out first, but he still jumps every time I move.  I need to buy a Kong toy for him to chew, but that would involve me leaving the house!


Barb said...

I missed celebrating 1/11/11 yesterday - darn it!!
The 11/1/11 is also a palindrome - hooray!

Allie said...

Hey good idea - I need to finish a quilt on November 11 this year, that would be fun! I'll finish it at 11 minutes after 11pm....then I can write 11/11/11, at 11:11pm. Heehee. I love it. Think I can remember it?

I love those trees - I call them umbrella trees, I have no idea what the real name is. My friend went through separation anxiety with her pup...she's better now, it just took some time. As he feels more secure he'll get better.

Paula, the quilter said...

I think it is a Mulberry bush.

Tanya said...

I know from experience it is impossible to walk a dog until he tires out. The human will always tire out before the dog. I think it will just take time before he learns to trust that you will always come back. You're his mommy now.