Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Seeing Stars

Yesterday, as I was coming downstairs, I took a peek into the guest room, which doubles as the place where extra blankets and pillows are kept, and (tripled?) as the staging area for the daughter's moving. The star on the Macy's bag fits right in with the star pillows and quilt. The pillows makes the stars with diamonds, and the quilt uses Jan Mullens starz technique.

Then I came down the stars. The swap quilt is at the landing. This star is made with log cabins. It is curled because I had temporarily placed it there using pins, and just haven't gotten around to properly mount it.

Then I turn and walk into the living room. I like to have cool quilts to offset the heat of the summer and bright warm quilts to offset the dreariness of winter. If I remember correctly, I was sick of flying geese stars when I made this quilt.

Finally, this is on my sewing table. I am finished with the 28 white stars needed for my queen size quilt. I think I am mostly sick of these because I am having trouble with them. I am not sure whether the cutting directions are wrong, or if I am piecing them wrong, or if I haven't read the directions properly, or if it is a matter of switching rulers and using so many different fabrics, but I had to trim a lot of the flying geese. I figured that out after I had already sewed on the sides, and tried to make them fit into the center square. That's all done now, thank goodness. I have to take 8 of these and add a star around them.

Then I have to make 28 blue stars. By the time I get to them though I will be an expert at making stars, and they will go much more smoothly. Right? Right?


Donna said...

I'm star struck by your patience for points... stars don't feature a lot here 'cause the points just never work on bunches and bunches of them one after another...

The Calico Cat said...

A. I have a very similar ufo - Stars in blue - they are a ufo for a reason.
B. I think that somedays they work & others day they don't without real reason... (That is my excuse - take it if it works fo you!)
C. Maybe by the end you will be an expert!

corry said...

Good luck on making your stars! Maybe it is a bit of a struggle.... but I'm sure when this quilt is finished you be a star expert and the proud owner of a beautiful starquilt! Thanks for your visit so I could find you.

Finn said...

Hi Shasta, welcome to the NYE UFO countdown challenge. I've got your blog addy now and will get you added to the list. Happy stitching, and it looks like you are off to a good start with those stars! Hugs, Finn

MikeyAnn said...

You are a star! It must take patience to make all those! Check out my Blog http://saltofeathlightofworld.blogspot.com/